The front wing is completely for in flight (a system that is the subject of an INTERNATIONAL PATENT). Its incidence, and thus the control the machine in pitch, is modified by the aerodynamic action of a Tab-flap on the trailing edge of the central portion of the front wing. This flap is controlled means of two push-pull cables (for redundancy connected to the control column. Its range of movement allows control of flying speeds from VNE about 70 kph (38 kts).

The hinged wing, with a carefully-chosen axis rotation, maintains a constant angle of attack relative to the air, simply by reason of the aerodynamic forces acting on it. Its reduced inertia allows it to react in this way to perturbations almost instantaneously, without any intervention from the pilot, transforming it into automatic gust absorber. The free wing makes it possible to obtain perfect homogeneity between the pitch and roll controls.

Trans-Sahara Air Marathon 98 : Manosque (04-France)... L'Atlas marocain aller-retour = 6500 Km en CORDOUAN.



Construction métallique aéronautique d'une aile


The ailerons are installed on the outer panels of the rear wing. Two quick disconnect devices link the aviation quality push pull ball cables the ailerons, thus enabling a quick folding of the wing. 

The handling of the machine is remarkable, with rapid rate of roll. Rotation about the roll axis from 45° left to 45° right is achieved in less than 1 .6 seconds.

Crosswind landing on a hard runway has bee demonstrated in a 16-knot wind at 90° to the axis.


  The nosewheel or the tail wheel is connected to the rudder.




Video of the CORDOUAN
Professionnal video K7


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