The HM-1100 CORDOUAN, the latest product of the HENRI MIGNET AIRCRAFT COMPANY, is the ultimate evolution of the «Pou du Ciel» («Flying Flea») designed by Henri Mignet, who devoted his life to the development of a safe kind of aviation, which he wanted to be popular and available to all. 

The MIGNET'S fourteenth prototype («Pou du Ciel») «Flying Flea» flew in 1933. In a few years, hundreds were built by amateurs in the world, from Europe to Africa, Australia, America and Asia.

It never obtained its certification (Type approval). Being unable to spin, it could not demonstrate that it could get out of spin!
The HM-1100 CORDOUAN is endowed with a number of quite extraordinary technical innovations.

The CORDOUAN is an aeroplane ultralight of Mignet formula equipped with ailerons, so that it is flown in three axes. The addition of the ailerons facilitates landings in strong crosswind, while satisfying the requirements of the great number of "classical" pilots.

The CORDOUAN is a side-by-side two sea­ter, with a tractor propeller and equipped with a tri­cycle or a classic tail wheel undercarriage. Its fuselage is built of glass-fibre/epoxy resin with load carrying structure.

The wings have a metal structure (AU4G) and are covered in DACRON. The ailerons, the wing tab­flap, and the rudder are fabricated in vacuum formed composite (foam/ carbon fibre sandwich).

The main undercarriage is in ZICRAL 7075.The eight inch wheels are equipped with disc brakes with hydraulic control from the column.

The CORDOUAN is powered by an 80 hp JABIRU 2200, a flat four and four-stroke only air-cooled engine, or a ROTAX 912 . It is equipped with a carburettor heater.   

Access to the cockpit is through two removable butterfly doors for aerial photography.

The cabin is very well equipped: the fresh air control, full instrument panel, height adjustable seats and easily accessible flying controls, all contribute to the excellent cockpit ergonomics. 

Despite being flown as a three-axis machine, the CORDOUAN is nevertheless a true "Flying Flea". The characteristics of flight at low speed are still very much in evidence. In fact it is in this area that the exceptional qualities of this machine are apparent. With engine at idle and with the control column pulled back to the maximum, the CORDOUAN remains perfectly controllable, both in roll and in yaw. It is absolutely impossible to get into a spin! The stall shows by the sinking of the machine, which puts itself into a "parachute descent" at around 3 meters a second (about 600ft/min). It remains completely manoeuvrable, and crossing the controls up to the stops does not induce the slightest sign of loss of control.

The choice of top of range materials and the exceptional finish of the structure show once again the reliability and careful work carried out by the AVIONS HENRI MIGNET COMPANY.

Particular care has been paid to the problem of noise The CORDOUAN is a success in this respect; the noise emitted and measured at 150 metres do not exceed 69dBA. The noise-level in the cab remains very low, making the machine very comfortable for long cross-country flights. 

The CORDOUAN is a small microlight aircraft designed for touring.

Cruising speed is 160 kph (99mph), with a range around 500 km (about 270nm). With the CORDOUAN, a super «Flying Flea» has been born. It is very easy to fly, with a good performance, manageable and like its predecessor. Foldable by a single person less than three minutes to roadworthy configuration. It is thus very easily put under cover (shelter proposed as an option) and transportable on its small  trailer. This is a characteristic with which only Mignet aeroplanes are provided.






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